UFO Sighting in Deming, New Mexico on February 3rd 2015 – Traveling on I-10 8:06 am I noticed an object up in the sky at the outskirts of Deming NM.

On February 3, 2015, I was traveling by car, from Deming, New Mexico to Tucson, AZ, on Highway I-10 heading west. In the sky about half of a mile south of the freeway I saw the side view of a blimp like object in the air, in front and just a bit below the top of the first hill on the Deming side. The object then moved above the hill and to the other side, and almost seemed to track with us for about 29 minutes. There was also a car vs truck accident on the highway heading west that morning. When I first saw the object I thought it was as UFO, because I could see it close enough that it had no wings, or propellers, and it was not a blimp, because the have a rectangular shape coming out of the bottom center, and it hovered for a while before it moved. My passenger tried to explain it as every air thing man has made, and then also agreed it was a UFO. She then looked up Deming UFO on the internet, and found a story that described to the letter what was happening to us. I was excited to see it and I did all I could to send it love from my heart. I did as much as I could to communicate with it mentally. I had a time frame to arrive in Tucson, so we kept driving, and lost sight of the object. My passenger tried to take pictures with her cell phone, but it did not come out.

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