UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on February 7th 2010 – UFO was SE from my position on 720 fwy heading north to 10 fwy east

At approximately 0001 to 0015 I was headed northbound on 710 Freeway. I observed on my left bright lights passing downtown Los Angeles headed south. I took my eyes off the object to continue to drive. The next event was the lights turned toward my position on the freeway. From the time I looked down the road to the time I saw the object again was 1-2 minutes. I witnessed this gigantic object lights changing from red to red green; from blue to blue green. The object was approximately 500-1000 feet above me and flew over the rear of my car. The direction the object was heading was southeast.

The object was about the size of a football stadium; circular, and no noise was emitting from the object. I cannot fathom a football stadium moving to abruptly and quietly. The one thing stands out about this object was it looked as though it had 3-4 stories with lights constantly changing.

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