UFO Sighting in Palm Harbor, Florida on February 5th 2015 – stationary bomerang with 3 white lights

We were driving north on east lake road and approaching a stop light. I looked up at approximately 70 degrees and noticed a series of three bright white lights, there were no red aircraft lights. As we approached the stop light the view became obstructed by trees to the right of the road, after traveling another 40 yards the object reappeared approximately at the same location where it was first sighted, indicating it had not moved from the point where it was first sighted 10 seconds before. When the object was viewed the second time, both my wife and I believed it appeared stationary. There were no flashing or colored lights. There was no fuselage, only a boomerang shaped wing with a white light at the apex and one on each wing tip. We were in traffic and had to move as the light changed. We circled back which took about three minutes and the object was gone.I probably could have subtended the object with my extended hand. This is not a familiar flight path, It was dark except for street lights and a full moon which did not interfere with the sighting, however it may have served to back light the object and make the silhouette of the wing easy to see. The lights were large in proportion to the actual wing they appeared affixed to, making the proportions different than a passing aircraft. It was over in about 10 seconds or less, but it was really cool.

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