Black Triangle Sighting in Mullins, South Carolina on May 1st 1957 – Triangle on Moon

Between 1957 ND 1960 I saw what looked like a slice of pie on a full moon.
THE SIZE AT THE WIDEST POINT LOOKED TO BE ABOUT 1/6 TO 1/8TH SLICE. As I sat and watched it seemed to back straight out with the moon glow filling in as it went. When it had completely backed out I could no longer discern it.

I was east of town in the woods on a dirt road sitting in a car by myself. I have always been the outdoor type. If that was an extraterrestrial object, the sheer size is mind numbing. If it landed on Earth it would surely take up several zip codes. This all happened when I was a teen and speaking to others the following day, they saw nothing. I would think something that large would have attracted other witnesses. The idea of a triangle before they became popular is amazing in itself. Of course I could just be a ufo nut
but that is the only siting I’ve ever had.

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