Weird Audio From Saturn?

I have been looking at the NASA Cassini website and I found a strange audio file, when I opened the file in audacity I listened and couldn’t understand a thing, but then I messed around a bit and it sounded a bit.. I dunno but it sounded like beating or something. So I came to this forum to talk about it, I am going to attach the original sound file and my edited version. What do you guys think it is?

EDIT: Apparently I can’t attach the files so here is the download to the original file, (Right click then save link as)…967-072504.wav

Also what I did to edit it with audacity was, Change pitch from 1666.667 to 8331.823 Hertz and then normalized it with Remove DC offset checked and Normalize maximum amplitude to -1.0 dB and unchecked Normalize stereo channels, so then I changed pitch from 416.667 to 2082.956 Hertz and used Noise Removal with these settings, (After clicking Get Noise Profile) Noise reduction 48, Sensitivity 1, Frequency smoothing 1000 Hertz, Attack/decay time 1 second and noise Isolated. And finally I used the Leveler with moderate degree and -80 dB noise threshold.

What do you guys think it is?

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