UFO Sighting in Filer, Idaho on February 8th 2015 – this small satilite blinked twice and stopped .. stationary, dim, flasher, serpans caput mid three stars w double to the left

I was viewing the constellations with binoculars on the morning of 2.8.15 at 6:56 and I was viewing the middle of three stars .. Serpens Caput I believe .. bright star top of triangle, double to my left, another star forming the right base of the triangle, when I saw a flash and 1/4 to 1/2 sec. later a second and last flash .. dim object and seemed to me to be stationary. Its location within the triangle was slightly above and to the right of center.

When the object did not flash any more I scanned in a circle one binocular field out and then two fields out slowly, but saw no more.

I felt like it was watching me and wanted me to know it was up there.

I lost sight because it quit flashing .. it was cold and I stopped after about two minutes. Went inside to get the time and subtracted two minutes.

What was it .. space junk?

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