UFO Sighting in Hoschton, Georgia on February 7th 2015 – Fireball with red rod like spike on the bottom of each

I was sitting in my dining room and happened to look out the window and saw two bright orange lights in the sky rather close to each other. I walked out the front door to see if it was a helicopter. To my suprise, there were multiple lights flying in the same direction. I called my two sons to come and look as there were many of these lights. At first I thought maybe the objects were asteroids or something. The light skept coming for approximately 7 minutes and made no sound but had a red spike like on the bottom. I tried to video it with my phone but it didn’t turn out at all because of the street lights. The lights moved in the same direction and I lost sight of them from the tree line. I was able to reach my neighbor via telephone to come outside. He too, witnessed this light show.

The lights moved slow and made no noise. They appeared to be approximately 1000′ in the sky. It was a cloudless, moonlight night.

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