UFO Sighting in Spring, Texas on February 8th 2015 – 10+ Red/orange lights observed traveling N to S. Appearing out of nowhere and changing directions like no man made object could.

Around 11:30 at night I was trying to get my son to bed, he’s been congested and not sleeping well. After giving him some Benadryl I took him upstairs to his crib. I then went down stairs turned the lights off in my kitchen and the tv off in my living room. I proceeded to my bedroom where I turned the lamp off on my wife’s side of the bed, since mine has a bulb out I always use her side. As soon as I turned the lamp off I started to walk around the bed to my side, that’s when I noticed two bright lights through our skylight window. They were very odd looking, solid red/orange lights which at first I thought might be an airplane. At that moment there were two side by side which the one on the right was starting to dimm as if were moving away (north) followed by the one on the left seconds later. This lasted approximately 10-15 seconds from when I first noticed them. After I could not see them anymore I got in bed. Still thinking about what I saw and stairing out our skylight window I then saw another red/orange light, this one seemed closer than the first two I saw. it was heading north on a straight path, it’s hard to say how close it was, but was not moving like any man made object. The best description would be an orb. I then grabbed my phone and went out my back door trying to get a video of it. I took a short video noticing one after another appearing in the south and heading north. It was pitch black and I felt as if my phone was not going to capture what I was seeing. I ran back inside and got my digital camera. Taking still photos of several of them. This whole event lasted about 5 minutes. Most of the photos look like nothing but zooming in after its sheets some weird things. A couple of photos that I took show lines as if you were writing your name in the sky with a sparkler. I know other people in the neighborhood saw this too, I heard in the distance of someone saying what is that. As an estimated guess I saw about 10-15 separate orbs.

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