UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on February 8th 2015 – Changing colors, movement bright light.

I was walking west with the dogs on a residential street. I saw 2 stars but then said to myself,”no there should only be one star up there. What the heck, it’s changing colors. It’s a ufo.” I saw a lavender blue light change to a green light while stationery. Then it changed back to lavender and moved downward to the south at a sharp 45 degree angle then back north staying parallel with the horizon. I have never seen an airplane change colors nor move like this did. (I have over 25 years of business in aviation) I thought maybe it could be a helicopter but they don’t move like this did. I dragged the dogs home and yelled at my wife that there was a ufo outside and went back outside. It was stationery with a light lavender color. As the sun was coming up the light was losing it’s intensity. It changed to lavender and started moving north. We could no longer see it due to our trees block the view. I was in awe.
Additional witness wife – I was on the couch with my computer tablet when my husband came in exclaiming there was a ufo. I thought he was joking but saw the dogs still had their leads on and that he had gone back outside. I joined him and looked west a saw a bright white star. I asked if that was it and he said yes. I questioned him again to make sure I was seeing the same thing he was seeing. It was the only thing I could see in the the sky and I was unimpressed thinking it was Venus. I asked him if he was sure it wasn’t Venus and he said, “yes, it changed color and it moved.”
I observed a stationary bright white light, not twinkling like a star and it was between 20-30 degrees above the horizon. I trust my husband so I stayed and watched; barefooted in my pajamas (49 degrees outside). While watching I was trying to figure out how to work the camera on my tablet. I took a couple of pictures. Then the object suddenly (as when you turn on light switch) turned the deepest prettiest lavender. It was a flat light. Right after the color change it moved north until I could no longer see it due to the trees. When it started moving I changed the camera to video. We moved to where we could see past the trees but no longer saw the object. This event was a “WOW”. That is the only word that comes to mind to describe how I felt – wow. That sight of that lavender light is staying with me. I grew up on and near military bases and I have never seen anything like this. I checked my tablet camera and was very disappointed. My amateurish-ness and inexperience with the tablet/camera is shown very well. Plus I was excited while trying to walk on sticks and stones with my barefeet. In the picture look towards the middle. You may need to magnify the pic. There is a white light. At that time -6:45 a.m. it was darker outside than it appears in the picture. The video is very short and very bad. You will need to look to the right of the bottom branches. There you will see the bright light moving north.

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