Lightning Bugs & Lightning Bolts


Lightning Bugs & Lightning Bolts
by Alfred Lehmberg
From UFO Magazine
Sparse sightings in a ufological milieu, tantalizingly meager, are made through partly cloudy skies when there is any visibility at all. A few mornings are first-rate, cool and clear. “Forever” presents itself with breathtaking aplomb… even as the “emptiness” remains decidedly un-empty.
It matters not. Empty is equally satisfying, anymore, oddly. “Empty” becomes as singular and auspicious as “filled.”
See… including the alleged birds, spent boosters, idle bursts, and falling bolides… and forgetting UFOs? Where do even IFOs go? I digress early.
To date, my sightings regard mere points of light, reader, identified as… unidentified. They remain without regard sightings sworn to by this retired military officer and aviation professional. The “ride” you’re on, remember.
Also remaining? These are humble reports. They are but prosaic examples of the non-prosaic… lightning bugs where the girth and depth of a yawning universe insures lightning bolts abound, rest assured… but for a couple of odd wrinkles…
To wit:

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