UFO Sighting in Aromas, California on February 8th 2015 – Bright flash star like in appearance. Just above clouds. As clouds cleared I saw them. Not sure if it was one object that moved somewhat or if there were multiple objects.

It was about 7:30 pm. I went outside and looked up and noticed a patch of sky that was clear. As the clouds moved I noticed at the edge of the cloud cover I noticed very bright blue/white light flashed. At first I thought maybe it was a meteorite, no tail or anything just a very bright flash. As I continued to look in the area I saw additional flashes. They seemed random, there was no pattern or rhythm to them at all. Not like a plane where there is an obvious rhythm to it.
After about 20-30 seconds or so of watching a jet flew over head. At first I thought they were going to collide but then realized that the flashes seemed to be below the jet. I continued to watch that part of the sky and probably saw about three more flashes after the jet was gone, but they seemed to be slightly to the right (or North) of the previous ones. They were still in the same relative area. One of the flashes seemed almost an orange, however the rest were more blue/white in color. The last one was fainter than the previous ones I had seen. It appeared much more fuzzy or hazy. I know it wasn’t a plane or helicopter. I live close to San Jose international airport, so I know what planes look like. This was not a plane.
As for how I felt, I would say more curious and excited than anything. There didn’t appear to be any form to it, or structure to it at all. Just a lot of flashes of light, varying in color, intensity and location (but only slightly).

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