Alien Encounter in North Dakota on June 30th 1988 – showed me space and a little girl i have that is being cared for by them. i was also given the opportunity to stay among them. they do have human beings among them i seen human women taking care of our children.

To much to talk about I recall being abducted from the time I was a child. In 1988 I was on my way to a friends house where her,her husband an anther fried were waiting for me bcuz we had a night out planned. I was running about 10 mins late so sherry kept calling an my dad told her I was on my way a few times. I finally after being 15 minutes late I left home as she was calling again an my dad said that I just walked out bcuz I was. I hit the road an as I am going up each rabbit road I looked at the sky an had jus said this is going to be a great nite. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky it was about 70 degrees an the atmosphere was calm. As I’m thinking an saying this I’m looking out an all of a sudden I’m under a shadow of a cloud I that but that wasn’t the case. I remember looking up an the next thing you know I’m looking at a gray alien that communicated with his mind. We we’re looking down at betties crossroads where I seen my mom auntie an uncle all waving up at us amongst about 10 other vehicles that were observing it. He asked me if I wanted to see more an I said yes bcuz I didn’t feel threatened. The next thing I no we were gone an it’s showing me a little girl in a huge room full of kids an it looked like human woman but I don’t know an then it’s introducing me to a little girl of about 6 or 7 yrs old an said she was mine. They gave me the option to stay an I declined. I believe I was given a message also but don’t know. When I came to I was standing next to my car an was looking at the sky. When I reached my destination sherry asked where he’ll I was bcuz 2 hrs had passed an they drove up an down that road looking for me, they called my dad over an over again an he told them that I honestly left an was going straight there. The next day my dad asked me where I had went an I told him of my experience an memories of it an he said sounds like you were abducted an I told him I was. I told him what I saw and about me meeting a child I have in the skies. He went to his grave knowing that I was telling the truth an that sherry had looked for me for like 2 hrs before I showed up. I swear on a bible I went straight there an I met my part human/alien child an she was beautiful with pale colored skin an eyes smaller then the aliens an yet bigger then a humans an yet she was beautiful an bashful or quite I don’t think she knew how to think when they introduced us. Call me crazy but I’m a firm believer an know I have been taken since childhood. The aliens I was taken by are here for good things not bad altho I’m sure there maybe cruel ones out there also.

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