UFO Sighting in Gramme, Kentucky on February 6th 2015 – I and another witness observed a bright object rise, stop then head in direction noted at a steady pace almost striking a passenger jet, The airplane dove downward barly missing collision with UFO. The object continued on pass the airplane vanished

I am a security Guard for a private company. A second security Guard and I were walking to a vehicle when I looked up and spotted the object rising into the sky on the wast horizon. I pointed it out to the other Guard.
The object was a very bright light but far away so we could not see details.This was at full dark on a clear night with only one small cloud in sight.
We watched the object rise up and go into a the cloud. It appeared to stop inside the cloud for over a minute the headed out at a south eastern direction at a fast speed. It was heading right at us , very high in the sky.
We then heard a plane getting very loud . It was coming from behind us going west.
A few seconds latter we saw the plane and realized the object and the plane were on a collision course and we both became afraid they were going to collide.
The plane then dived down ward at a fast rate and the bright object passed directly over it. The plane continued to dive until it leveled out at such a low altitude that we could clearly see the flames from the jet engines.
In the dark we could see it had 4 engines and the shape of a large passenger jet. The plane the cont. west
I cont. to watch the object going south east , never changing speed or direction until it just suddenly disappeared. It was there in the sky and then just gone.
When I turned back to the plane it was almost to the horizon.
At the time of this occurrence there were 2 other plane light clearly in the sky not evolved in this incident and since this area is a high traffic passenger plane route there are almost always one up to 7 planes flying in this area at any time. For the next 2 hours all plane traffic was gone from the sky, It was as if all traffic had been rerouted .
There has to be some very panicky communications that went on from the pilots of the plane that was almost hit and the traffic control tower controlling plane traffic in this area.
I was glad 2 of us witness this.
Hope some one comes forward and collaborates what happened

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