UFO Sighting in Traverse City, Michigan on February 10th 2015 – Pink Gaseous Orb w 4 bright Lights in Diamond Shaped Pattern

Walking my dogs up a private road on our property. Turned and saw a beautiful Sundog, perfectly shaped rainbow arc radius around the sun.Winter’s day sun, very pretty; too bright to look at so held up my cell phone and pushed the button for the shot. Did not see the orb until afterward when reviewing the photo. Orb had a semi circular arc ascending away from the sun and against the stream of clouds/rays in the photo. Upon closer review and zoom, I then noticed the 4 lights in a perfectly formed diamond pattern with a slight ray of light connecting them, like a dot to dot. The orb itself did not seem like a planet, it was gaseous and vapor like, without clearly defined lines as you see when viewing a planet or the moon. Best closeup on zoom I can get shows one of the lights is a V-shaped pattern, facing in the direction of the trajectory arc surrounding the orb, again going SW away from the other patterns in the photo. Wish I’d seen the orb while still outside, would have caught a video, but sun was so bright, did not dare to look directly into the visual area with naked eye. Feel very strongly this is not the ISS, as it was not at this point on our Lat/Longitude according to tracking it would not have been visible until 7:40 pm EST and in the WNW sky; this was S/SW exactly 5 hours prior to ISS viewing availability. (within exactly 5 hours…interesting- and why would the ISS be surrounded or within a pink orb?) Eerily similar to another sighting posted on MUFON from Florida; same location near sun, same pink arc, 2 days prior to my sighting.

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