Black Triangle Sighting in Hyde Park, New York on June 30th 1976 – what appeared to be a 2man perfect pyrimid craft outside my house

The summer of’76 late night or early morning.I got out of bed and went to the window. Over the trees at the far side of the house was a bright white perfect pyramid craft. My first thought was it was a two man ship.the mainbody of it was bright white and spun rapidly but it flew straight. On one point was a blue light on one tip a green light and on the other tip was white light. Part of me remembers a red light somewhere anyway,my room was at one end of the house and when I first saw it, it it was at the far side of the house,I remember touching my eyes to make sure I was awake it was maybe20,25feet off the ground maybe10 feet away from the side of the house slowly flying parallel to the second floor of the house. There was no sound, at first I was amazed then I thought if I can see it they can see me then I had an overwhelming feeling of dread and fear.I ran to the closet
and hid. I remember seeing the bright light under the door and then I’m in my mom’s room crying and she’s telling me to go back to sleep my dad walked me back to my room and my friend who was sleeping over said she saw something in the neighbors drive thing I know I’m coming home from school the next day then when my dad got home he tol qd my mom that she should have believed me cause in the paper was an article that said the town about30minutes away saw the same thing I saw. After that she always looked at the sky she wanted to see them too. Iwas13when that happened I’m 51now I can’t talk about it without crying even after all these years I don’t know what happened to make me cry when I think about it still . I do have a lot of dreams about ships in the sky and I see the the tall shining blonde Beautiful people. But I had to tell someone about my sighting even though it was a long time ago.I’m still a little scared that the “men in black”will come to the door. If you think I could help I’d talk to you I’ve seen triangle ufo’s on your show some are similar but not quite.I’m willing to do hypnosis just to put my
Mind to rest. Thank you for listening.
Deirdre Osborne

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