UFO Sighting in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina on August 1st 2012 – sitting with wife, mother in law, and father in law. At rented house on surf trip.

on August 1st 2012 I was sitting in a hot tub with my wife mother in law father in law.my children were sleep in the house.I see two bright orbs come straight down from the sky in a swirly pattern and fly straight out to sea. Moments later they come back in a swirly pattern and fly directly straight back over head. As if they were going back to the original destination of origin.they made no sound. At this point I look at my father in law and said did you see that he said yes.the vantage point of my mother in law and wife were against the house and they could not see the lights. I said to my father in law what do you think. His opinion was there helicopters. I disputed this with him because they made no sound at all.later on I witnessed two black helicopters one with the green light on inside.they were to Blackhawk helicopters I can make them out by the silhouette given off from the buildings lights. At this point in time I have grabbed my binoculars and my camera to see if I could see them again. I checked all that week on my surf trip but did not see anything else.

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