UFO Sighting in Traverse City, Michigan on February 9th 2015 – Bright Star-like object, silenty moving NE across East Grand Traverse Bay

On the evening of 2-9-15 around 7:00pm I was in my backyard with my dogs when I gazed at the sky and saw at what first appeared to be a satellite since it was silent. It was moving faster than any satellite I have ever seen and almost seemed to have some sort of shape or outline as I noticed it directly above my house. There were no flashing lights to indicate it was an aircraft. I watched it for a little over a minute it seemed as it headed northeast over Grand Traverse Bay at a steady clip. As it reach the treeline it was no longer visible. I had to go to the store anyway so a minute later I jumped in my vehicle and thought I would try to follow it. I sped into a resort parking lot overlooking the Bay. I thought at this point I would definitely see it since there was perfect visibility. It may have changed course or possibly I was looking in the wrong direction but it was no where to be seen.

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