UFO Sighting in Chapmanville, West Virginia on August 31st 1957 – Brother and I walking home. We saw a bright lite in the sky going s It stopped and hovered. 2nd groined it They separated came back together Zipped SE. Like shooting. Star. One then other!

My brother and I were walking home after a movie. We suddenly observed a bright light over the mountain, going south! At first we thought it was an airplane with it,s landing lights on. About half way across the sky it stopped and began to hover. We watched it for a few minutes when another one joined it. They hovered for several minutes and then separated for awhile then joined each other again. They hovered there for about 5 minutes and suddenly one took off going SE like a shooting star! After a minute or so the other one shot off and followed it. We decided not to say anything to any one because they would think we crazy! We never broke our promised until now. He is dead now so I guess I will now tell the story!

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