UFO Sighting in Escondido, California on February 13th 2015 – Blinked quite like a star until the object faded away for a split second than came back. Did this several times. Had a Orange and Blue color to it.

Was told by my cousin to run outside over the phone. Time was 1:40 am about. Noticed what looked like a very bright star. So that is what I presumed it was. That is until it pulsated very slowly. Seemed to subtly change from a blue to orange glow. This was on my back patio at about 1000 ft I would say. Too my west about a couple miles. Immediately got the chills and went inside. I was also able to view it from my bedroom window. So I kept an eye on it, every now and than it would pulsate. I kept an eye out for it till about 2 am. Looked out the window and it was gone. Nowhere in sight.

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