UFO Sighting in Idaho on February 9th 2015 – Got up from sleeping, looked out window, saw Taurus area stars, disk circled and blanked them out.

Was sleeping and got up at 9:05PM and looked out my bedroom window, saw the Taurus area stars and one by one they were blanked out in a circle from 90 degrees to 0 to 270 to 90 and disappeared .. a solid smaller disk of unknown size or distance .. night .. blanked out the stars in a left circling manner. I live about 15 miles from an airport. Saw no associated lights and no sound. Moved too fast and weird for an aircraft. This is a general area where I have seen a huge cigar shaped object before, similar time, summer and semi dark.

I have stood bridge watches in the Navy, know my stars and constellations, have navigated many times with a sextant, morning and evening stars ..
HO 214. All the other officers didn’t know beans about astronomy and I had to tell them what stars they were shooting .. “no, you have a morning star list to shoot and this is evening, Yes, it makes a difference.”

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