UFO Sighting in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 12th 2015 – 3-4 lights 1 red on top horizontal beneath. Red went out lurched east quickly. more lights in horizontal line one by one came on

I was Driving west on the frontage road off of I-80, west of the Salt Lake city international airport. I go out here to see birds and I was going to stop and smoke a cigarette since I don’t smoke in my car. I saw above the horizon a red light with some orange lights in a horizontal line below. Between the red and the orange lights it looked slightly hazy. I didn’t think much of it as there is a smoke stack further west that has blinking lights on it. When I stopped and looked I realized the lights were too high in the sky and I was too far east for them to be the smoke stack. When I looked back the red light went out and more lights blinked on in the line that was below it. It then lurched northeast, a little closer to where I was watching. The lights now looked slightly larger. More lights blinked on one at a time in the line. The line was horizontal but slightly tilted up on the north side. the spacing and brightness of the lights seemed to make me think they were on the edge of a saucer shape but I can’t be sure. All of the lights were steady bright and didn’t pulse or move. From the northern most light to the southern most light they slowly 1 by 1 blinked off. After the last one blinked off I could see in the far distance behind, to the west, of them the blinking light of an aircraft. this was a smaller aircraft and seemed to be coming form the test range or air base in the west desert. I watched it head through were I had seen the lights, heading east, then bank north, cutting across all of the lanes of commercial aircraft coming from the airport. It continued north in the direction of hill air force base. Later I saw another aircraft do the same. Both of these aircraft were much smaller than the commercial crafts I watched after. After seeing the Lights or UFO or whatever it was I sat and watched the aircraft from the Airport to see if any of them traveled toward where I had seen it. They all followed their normal routes. I have flown that way and watched planes from the Great Salt Lake for some time and all of the rest of what I saw looked normal.

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