UFO Sighting in Hammond, Indiana on May 8th 1970 – Hovered over 80-94 Expressway and apartment complex

This occurrence was many years ago (1969 or 1970) spring, in Hammond Indiana, about 30 miles from Chicago. I was always amazed that there was nothing reported in the newspapers. While traveling with a companion around dusk, had just exited (Northwest Indiana) Interstate 80-94 on Kennedy Ave. looked up and saw large disk/circular object with rotating colored lights hovering over apartment complex next to the major interstate. We pulled over to the side of the shoulder to watch and at least 20 other vehicles were already pulled off to the side of the road also watching. There was no noise coming from it, it was high but could see windows and the lights in color rotating from outer perimeter underside. My companion and I just sat there watching for a least twenty, minutes (this was before cell phones) as others watching either in their vehicles or outside. We finally left after about 20 minutes. Other people were still there watching. We assumed there would be something in our newspaper the next day but there was nothing. At the time our local papers was either the Hammond Times or Gary Tribune. I was literally speechless to see this huge “saucer” and not one word was ever printed about it.

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