UFO Sighting in Lafayette, Colorado on February 14th 2015 – bright green dot/ pulsated red and green flat then moved down and to the right/ hovered for 5 sec and shot up over mountains

My wife and myself were out enjoying Valentines day out visiting local restruants when my wife went out to smoke a cigarette. She was outside for around three minutes and returned from outside. She said that there is a light out side that is very wierd. It turned from red to green and appeared to spread out then split into separate lights and came back as one this happened twice over a fourty sec span. Then it appeared to come toward me and go back again. After hearing this i went outside to see for myself and it was easy to spot. Hovering as a bright green dot in the sky facing south just about even with a bright white star in the sky. Watching for a time of twenty seconds the light spred out and turned red then turned green switching back and fourth every five seconds. At this time an employee from the restraunt came out to see for himself he witnessed the same thing i saw. Twenty seconds later it seemed to float down to the left towards denver and stopped about couple hundred feet in the air. The employee had a customer come in and went back inside. At this point the lights seemed to raise up and move south for a second then shoot up and to the right over the mountains in less than two seconds with no sounds at all.

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