UFO Sighting in Long Beach, California on February 14th 2015 – Yellow-orange glowing orb observed approaching from west to east 8:49PM glowing teardrop shape de-materialized after 45 seconds of observation

Sky watching at 2049 pacific time, I was facing west at a 42 degree angle, when I observed a glowing object traveling in the sky from the west and heading east, it was yellow-orange in color and was basically spherical in shape with a teardrop feature pointing towards the earth. It caught my eye especially because it was approaching my location. The light that was consistently emanated from the object had a glowing radiant appearance. It took only a moment to de-materialize with a simultaneous last second change in direction to the south, southeast. There was no breeze or wind, temperature was 67 degrees. Please note that the object traveled in essentially a straight course with slight fluctuations, similar to the flight pattern of a butterfly. I hastily struggled to grab and point my video camera in the objects direction, regretfully unable to videotape or photograph the event. I am south of Long Beach airport, where most landing/take-offs can be hear and observed.

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