UFO Sighting in Wisconsin on February 14th 2015 – would go all sorts of different directions but mostly north

I went outside around 715 pm for a cigarette, I’m sitting outside my back door when I see a plane. I watch the plane fly for 30 secs to be distracted by what looked like a flying star. Solid light but you could tell it was outside earths atmosphere. It was moving east at a very slow rate, maybe 15�� in 30 secs. Made a sudden 90�� turn, stopped. Made a circle, stopped again. Tried calling my sister twice, she didnt answer. The ufo did another circle and started heading northeast turned and heading northwest before I ran inside to show my mother. Take her outside to see the UFO moved north to behind the pine trees only to show up after she went inside. Stayed right next to the pines for 20 mins going in circles and back and forth all cardinal directions. I went on my Facebook to message my nephew to go and see it. He ran outside, he looked east and also watched it for awhile. Stayed in the same spot but moved with the stars while doing small circles for about another 30 mins. At around 8:20pm I went to grab another cigarette and my mom came out again to confirm what I saw. She watched it with me for 3 mins and went inside. I went inside for an hour and when I came back out it was still there. I went inside again and called it a night.

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