UFO Sighting in Anaheim, California on November 12th 2013 – was on patio heard like monorail sound looked up saw monorail type zoom over into hole in sky

Several sittings over two days, different craft. Began in San Clemente’s in yard. Heard sound like quick jet powering down looked up to see bright white glowing almond shaped craft speed by moving toward ocean, white globs seemed to bedripping from rear. Stopped and descended over houses by ocean. My sister heard but didn’t see stand our ears popped. Was about 2 in afternoon on 11th. Next day I was on patio my home Anaheim around 4:30pm reading. Heard a rushing sound, loud,confused as it sounded like monorail sound and looked up to see huge glowing bright white object like monorail charging across sky quickly disappearing into hole which opened up in sky in front of it. I had good look at it as it entered like a snake into the opening. Noticed it was Grey like a matched the sky and was transparent. The craft was transparent with a square opening in the rear andcould see the clouds or something smoky lingering intheback and could was swirling right through the skin. Looked like the skin of craft was fabric like but mmeshand thecraft curved like a train entering curved tunnel. Also it had long shiny metallic appendages in back on both sides like Hughes silver talons. I couldn’t believe my eyes and was bewildered to say the least. moments later it was dusk, and white clouds had formed suddenly. The craft was slowly floating east And was huge and glowing as bright as the moon and looked like a gigantic shark withhuge fins crossing the sky slowly. Clouds covered it then it appeared over the weird cloud layer but stationary like a rocketready for blast off. It moved down where the bottom of the rocket hung below the clouds momentarily and rotated back and forth as if was periscope scanning sky then moved back up to stationary position. Clouds covered it and when they cleared it was gonebutcould see plumed shooting up like it actually had blasted off. Was a clear evening with full moon which was as bright as there craft. For two days following kept seeing what I describe as cloud makers. Square type dark clouds withround extension like satalite dish which seemed to make cloud cover. Saw round lighted craft moving around here and there insamearea saw monorail thing but theywere small and seemed to be searching. Got frightened and moved into the house. Was late afternoon still light out and was sitting in a chair looking out slider when quickly a dark helicopter rushed overhead and remarkably stopped on a dime over neighbors rooftop right in front of my patio. I live upstairs by the way and have a great sky view. I couldn’t move. Just stared numbly at this close helicopter which had two men in it. They had sunglasses and just starred right at me. It was so unreal how it appeared and stopped so quickly and at rooftop height. In a neighborhood. And starred while they seemed to be deciding what to do about this. I was terrified but frozen. Just look right back at them frozen. Just as suddenly they shot off. I did not have a computer until now so didn’t try to report it then. Also you feel foolish. However I am now and been so curious to know if people report many from my area and especially around the time of my sightings. I drew diagrams of it all right away so I wouldn’t’ forget details. I so look forward to your reply. Thank you very sincerely, Elyse

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