UFO Sighting in Port Hueneme, California on February 9th 2015 – Dusk and decided to make a video for my group on Facebook

1.At home on our outside frontfaced patio/deck.
2.The sharp movement and flew opposite direction too quick.
3. UFO!
4.Zig Zag real quick and sharp.
5.Ive seen some questionable things here before by myself, usually during twilight early a.m.
I loaded it to my page , Port Hueneme 805 Beach on Facebook and added a comment, asking” am I trippin or is this a UFO”, ?
A follower named George Ortiz was only one who was able to spot the indifference of the object/s and the flying birds.
6.curious but I really felt like I may have a sighting.
7.Pressed stop on my phones videoplayer because the birds flew out of frame.

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