UFO Sighting in San Lorenzo, California on February 15th 2015 – Red-orange ball of light hovered in sky for ~10min, then faded out as if batteries died.

1) Went out to the car in the driveway, to fetch products for wife who was at work.

2) Noticed an unusually reddish-orange, stationary, non-scintillating light low in the sky. While some haze existed close to the horizon, it was an otherwise clear night. Orion was in clear view, to my immediate right.

3) Thought it was a plane at first, but it never moved for the 10 minutes I observed it. It absolutely wasn’t an aurora, and definitely wasn’t any planet I was familiar with. Imagine something the color of Betelgeuse, but with a brightness a couple magnitudes brighter than Jupiter or Sirius.

4) For the 10min I observed it, it remained a constant brightness, and remained completely stationary in the sky. Afterwards, and still without moving in the sky, the BOL’s intensity became highly variable, and started to flutter out. I tried to take a picture of it with my Galaxy S5 cell phone, but the quality isn’t good enough to attach to this report (resolution too low, lots of JPEG artifacts, and low intensity). A real pity. 🙁

5) It was pretty to look at.

6) See 4 above.

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