UFO Sighting in Utah on January 1st 2015 – I SEE THEM EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. DAY OR NIGHT.

I first noticed them about 2 months ago. They skies are literally INFESTED with these rapid moving intelligently guided objects. They flash rapidly with a bright light seemingly “skipping in time” surrounded by a ghostly blue or yellowish glow that i can “see” somehow through things like mountains,walls,cars,people,etc.. This blue or yellowish “aura” also leaves a ghostly glow trail behind. Some are red or white definite points of light and can be seen as a black or dark circular dot in the daytime. they seem to be much further than any plane and can zip across the entire sky in seconds. they move so fast at times they resemble a computer cursor with the trail effect on. sometimes i’ll see a flash of light like a beam emitting from them that actually looks like its reflecting off the clouds, this to me would surely be visible by anyone I thought to myself but no one else i try to show can seem to see them! How can this be? It is my own strong belief that this is directly connected to my consciousness “awakening” so to speak because of the fact that others cannot see them and i can also see them through things. They are most definitely there and they are literally everywhere. I even witnessed one disappear in a bright flash in which the color of the flash was different than that of the object. it smashed into this burst of light an vanished. I can see some kind of energy field around everyone of them that resembles an atom. A little point of light zooming around the object in a perfect orbit. I also see this energy when I close my eyes. Its almost as if they appear holographic like they occupy a different dimension. A dimension in which they have obviously conquered time-space in order to “move” like that. This new sight has changed my entire belief about the reality that we live in. Frankly I am quite shocked. I don’t know what to do about it. This is something profound. Please help me understand this. I am very concerned and I want to seek the truth for everyone to know but i do wish to remain anonymous as to not draw any negative attention towards me for obvious reasons. Please use my email for contact as this is the only real info about me listed above.

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