UFO Sighting in Pocahontas, Iowa on September 24th 2014 – weird weather, cloud formations, bout 45 degrees out, noone around but me, took pictures, caught

I was in Iowa, visiting family. I was driving home and stopped to take pictures becuase the cloud formations were strange. I got out of the truck. Walked in front of the truck and noticed a fast moving light that changed directions rapidly. At that time I took a Panama mic view picture of my surroundings. I felt a chill, and dazed a bit like I had been drinking or moved at a fast rate of speed then suddenly stopping. I got in the truck to look at the pictures and noticed I had captured a low flying object that was on the road in front of me. I zoomed in to see what it was…. there is a cylinder shaped object with a hatch door open and something with 2 eyes peering at me. It freaked me out. I know we are not the only living thing in the universe but when you are less than 29 feet from ET it gets real. I never shared this with anyone until now. I have a couple photos from that day. They are in my facebook account so I screen shot them to post them here.

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