Black Triangle Sighting in Mina, Nevada on June 30th 2006 – Triangular, had desert camouflage pattern of tan, sage green and a rust red, came from the direction of Tonopah, mad

There were 4 of us out on ATV’s, west of Mina, Nevada at the dry lake bed that used to be used by the military. We were en route to an area with petroglyphs. My husband and I were in front and our friends were in back. I started feeling very lightheaded, like I was going to become nauseated. My heart started racing and I felt like I was going to lose consciousness and started falling over the ATV. I sensed the word “predator” and could not help but feel we were going to be attacked. It was all I could do to get out the word “cougar”. Then we all heard it. A horrible noise like something with very bad brakes, a sound of metal scraping granite. Our friends later reported that they felt as if a large truck was coming up on them and one of them felt like he was going to have cardiac arrest from the fear he felt. It had come up from behind but it was not a truck, but a triangle military craft. Not a large triangle but much like the paper planes we used to make in school with the triangular surface. It moved very slowly right over our heads and seemed to hover above me. I could see the red light underneath that pulsed and I was hoping it was not too terribly radioactive. It was tan, sage green blobs of paint with rusty red outlining some of the blobs. I was amazed that there was no heat and I assumed that the heat was going out through the top of it. I could see wavery heat around it, but did not feel heat radiating off of it. Then, with a quick turn it turned back towards Tonopah. I was wondering if what was making me sick was the equipment it had to sense it’s targets up ahead…ELF perhaps.
Our friends and I recovered okay. Our one friend was very shakened.

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