Genes, Technologies and Lost Arts

No time to visit, as I have been extremely busy with various writing projects.

My latest Exopolitician post discusses extra-terrestrial technologies backing off my interview with Peter Maxwell Slattery.…and-lost-arts/

“At various times different individuals have revealed a partial scope of alien technologies, genetic capability and training programs that incorporate lost arts and disciplines. The great revolution for man has not so much been the invention of the computer. Without internet technologies we would have remained seated in the dark ages. Alien technologies push things to the next level. However, genes, technologies and lost arts are intrinsically linked. Some readers, for instance, may have studied the pyramids and other ancient stone artefacts. Doubtlessly a few will have formed conclusions or be aware of the evidence supporting a giant Neolithic power network.

Whilst “Moses” may have smashed the alabaster sarcophagus located in the Great Pyramid of Giza to remove its technological content, it was, potentially, a late addition. This “power switch” is now part of the lost Ark of the Covenant. To switch on a wireless power network requires only correct gene activation, communion spirit and some training in hermetic meditation. The Draco manipulated (by authorisation of the Zeta keepers) ancient so-called (crystalline) False Matrix has fractured any hope of true communion for it splinters and redirects our thoughts, shredding harmonic potency. That is why we have lost our telepathic powers, even if some advanced individuals can receive communications from afar.”

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