UFO Sighting in Crawfordsville, Indiana on February 21st 2014 – There were three of us, that witnessed orbs on both sides of the Sun, then moved at the speed of light. We also observed in metallic saucer shaped spacecraft directly above our heads. We also seen glowing spacecrafts coming out of the Sun.

There were three of us, that observed glowing orbs, glowing space crafts, and a metallic saucer. We were all at work when we noticed a metallic flying saucer above our heads. We all ran to get our cameras. We observed orbs on both sides of the Sun. We observed glowing flying saucers taken off from the surface of the sun. One of us taking pictures had our finger with a glove on over the lens. The radiation from the orb went through a glove and his finger and onto the picture. We all experienced sunburn the next day. The objects were moving as fast as light. There was an electricity in the air. All three of us are very credible and we have awesome pictures. After we observe the space craft for at least 45 minutes. They took off as fast as they appear. Approximately 10 minutes later we observed at least 10 to 15 fighter jets go over head straight for where we observed the spacecraft. I’m only sending you a couple of pictures. We have plenty. This is not a hoax! This is not a joke.

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