UFO Sighting in Gallipolis, Ohio on February 17th 2015 – White orb between two cessna-like planes that emitted two more smaller white orbs which flew in a triangular formation.

I was at home letting the cat outside,I was pointing West. I saw two cessna type planes flying extremely close to each other coming from the South heading North. So, I stood at the back door,turned the lights off and took a closer look,because I have never seen these types of planes fly this close together and at night. I noticed flying just in front of the two planes was a white glowing orb. Just as all 3 craft were directly in front of me I saw two smaller white glowing orbs emit from the main bigger white orb,one went above and one went below. The bigger orb in front moved slightly forward forming a triangular shape. The crafts were all flying in the same direction at a slightly slower than normal speed. I am not sure if the planes were following or escorting the objects. I watched the event until I couldn’t see them anymore.

This was very shocking to me and it was hard for my brain to tell myself this IS what you are seeing. I did not fall asleep until 4:30am because this was heavy on my mind. I was a DOD spouse and I have seen fighter jets fly pardner a lot of times,these two planes I saw last night were not fighter jets, because they were not loud enough. When this event took place the sky was clear and the stars were out,this was not a star or planet moving in unison. Later,I kept going to the door and looking out but nothing more and a couple of hours after the event the sky was mostly cloudy.

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