UFO Sighting in Sedalia, Missouri on July 31st 1977 – Orange orbs hovering near AFB

I have seen these orbs twice in my life, once in 1977 and again in 2010 or 2011. The first time I was with 2 friends, during my senior year in High School. We were sitting on my folks deck behind our house in Sedalia, Mo. and saw 3 orange lights of in the distance to the WNW, in the direction of Whiteman AFB. They were just hovering or stationary. I asked my pals if they saw them and they both said yes. We watched them for a minute or two and with no movement assumed they were related to the AFB somehow and didn’t really think about it much. However, a few minutes later, they were still there and as I looked at them again one of them moved what had to be many miles, to the south, in just a milli-second. It stopped dead and hovered again and I yelled, did you guys see that? They did not but when they looked they too saw that one had moved significantly. As we watched again, it suddenly , and just as quickly went back to the north to it’s original position. Then , they all 3 rose what seemed to be hundreds or thousands of feet straight up, hovered once again for just a few seconds, then absolutely vanished to the north in the blink of an eye.

Now, being in high school, in the 70’s, and yes with a few beers in us, we knew no one would ever believe us so I/we kept quiet for many years. I always knew what we saw but just never told anyone and basically just forgot about it and put it behind me.

Then unexpectedly, one night at a baseball game my son was in, in Green ridge Missouri, in 2010 or 11, I saw them again. The exact same orbs, in almost the exact same places. This time there were two south of the AFB and one to the north, once again hovering. Just as before, suddenly the two to the south joined the one in the north in what seemed to be just a second or two. They then hovered together for a minute or two. As I watched and remembered the first time I saw them I expected them to repeat the events of the initial sighting. But, instead they appeared to slowly move directly over the base, stopping several times and hovering, then after just a minute or two, once again rose straight up seemingly hundreds or thousands of feet, hovered for just a few seconds, then just like the first time, disappeared in an instant to the north. I was astonished. I do not know if anyone else saw them the second time as I was a few hundred feet away from the ball field where most other folks were, having a smoke. I was looking west and the ball field was behind me with the bleachers facing east. I’m don’t know about others but I do know what I saw. I am convinced that whatever they were, nothing at that base is capable of doing what these orange orbs did. I have lived in this area for 45 years and know all to well what the B2, Stealth fighters and many of the Air Forces best and most secret jets look like and these were way beyond anything we normally see in the skies around here. I hope this helpd in your quest for answers as after seeing them twice, I am a true believer and no one will ever convince me otherwise. Thank you, [Name removed/cms/tg]

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