UFO Sighting in Biloxi, Mississippi on February 19th 2015 – flight path with eratict directional change as if avoiding objects no objects seen in path

I was outside looking at the night sky observing the stars I seen a faint light what I first believed was a plane but there were no tell tail marker lights blinking. I observed its flight path for a time and noted its altitude and speed was well beyond any high altitude plane I’ve ever observed in the military or commercial flights. also the light began to shift from side to side smoothly and quickly without losing speed as if avoiding something in its path. I kept track of it and called to my roommate to come outside and check it out and she also seen its flight path and pattern of movement and we both agreed it was something more then a plane or satellite. After a rather speedy flight path we lost sight of it off in the distance and high altitude within a short time span. I am a former military flight deck handler on a amphibious aircraft carrier. I have seen a number of flight paths and patterns and planes in my term of military life. I seen what planes do at high altitudes in all sorts of weather and that night even at that height no plane I’ve ever seen nor heard of could have moved in the way this object did. Unfortunately the event was so short lived I couldn’t gather any photo evidence and I doubt anything I own would have been able to visually pic it up well because of the altitude it was seen in the sky. In my opinion though I believe the object wasn’t so much in the atmosphere due to the height I seen it at. Call it a gut instinct but I firmly will never believe what I seen was a plane or satellite or even space junk.

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