UFO Sighting in Del Mar, California on February 11th 2015 – Tear-shaped or bright white flame shaped stationary in the sky for 15 min.

While driving home from court on I 5 south, I noticed the traffic slowed and drivers looking up in the sky. I saw a bright orb with what I first thought was a very short contrail above it. I thought to myself that it might be a jet going straight down and about to crash. There was no angle
to its direction except straight down. Then I realized it wasn’t moving, just hanging in the sky. The contrail/flame portion above the shiny orb never got any longer, the angle never changed, the distance to me never changed and the location never changed. The tear shape was straight up and down but at about 80 degree angle to the horizon. As I continued to drive home I hovered there the whole time. Once I drove behind a hill and briefly it lost sight of it but the I saw again as I got off at my exit. When I got home I went out in my back yard and could no longer see it.

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