UFO Sighting in Deltona, Florida on January 24th 1998 – My friend and I witnessed a craft stationary, project a beam of light around my sitting body.

A friend and I were sitting outside on this night talking. A light was projected around me as a perfect circle and did not move for a minute or so. This light had edges that were perfectly sharp and unmoveing. The light then wobbled a little and started to travel away from my friend and I. we watched it travel across the grass and across some trees. This beam was not wobbly and moved very slowly. it then slowly receded into sky were we seen a craft projecting the light, it did no move at all. It was like a long florescent light bulb in the sky. We observed this lighted craft for a couple of minutes, then it suddenly and very very quickly either flew away from us or turned off light. It was an amazing sight. My friend who I’m still in contact with still to this day can not explain what he witnessed with me. We are both still trying to come to terms with what was in the sky that night.Also street lights after the craft disappeared started to flicker and some shut off completely very strangely.

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