UFO Sighting in Walburg, Texas on February 19th 2015 – two bright shiny white cylindrical cigar-shaped objects rounded nose and tails

My wife and I were driving north on Interstate 35 between Austin and Dallas this morning. The weather this morning was beautiful. Light wispy clouds. Blue skies. 54 degrees. No rain. Just perfect weather. The highway was dry���I was driving 75/80 MPH. I estimate there were between 30-40 vehicles on the road immediately in front of us. I first noticed these two objects at approximately 9:45 a.m. We were north of Georgetown, Texas and had just passed Exit 268. We exited the highway a few minutes later at Exit 275���stopping at the Flying J Travel Plaza to get gas. The time stamp on the gas receipt is 9:55 a.m. The two objects crossed the highway in front of us at an elevation of approximately 1000 feet. They were perfectly in-line with one another���approximately 3000 feet apart. It���s like they were flying on a stretched out wire���perfectly in-line with one another. They were identical in size, shape, and color. The shape and color of these two objects was contrasted against the blue sky. They were shiny���a bright white. There were no discernable wings, tails, landing gear, propellers, jet engines, windows, or lights. They were two cylindrical cigar-shaped objects with rounded nose and tails. I believe the objects were two-to-three miles ahead of us when I first saw them. They crossed just above the tree line traveling from west to east. They were in my field of view for 5-seconds and traveling at a high rate of speed. I pointed and asked my wife to look out her passenger window to see if she could see what I was watching. She watched the two objects for another 20-seconds until the topography to the east blocked her view. She said the objects did not alter their course, configuration, elevation, or speed���remaining quickly traveling to the east at a high rate of speed until they were no longer visible from her vantage point.

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