UFO Sighting in Anacortes, Washington on February 20th 2015 – Bright object approached, hovered, abruptly changed course and ascended.

I was on the patio in my back yard, gazing at the stars, as I usually do on clear or mostly clear nights, when, shortly after 7pm, I observed a bright object slowly approaching from the WNW. The object was, gold/copper in color, with no flashing ���running lights���, as is seen on aircraft. The object was flying below 30,000 feet, gave off no noise, and was brighter than any aircraft I have seen.

As the object approached, a 2-engine turbo-prop plane approached from the north, presumably from Bellingham International Airport. As the airplane came into view, the bright object slowed and came to a near stop until the airplane passed by. Then the object changed trajectory, heading SSW and upward at a more than 45 degree angle, slowly fading from view. The object was in view for approximately 2-3 minutes.

I grew up around aircraft, and live in the flight path of military aircraft from the nearby Naval Air Station, and am very familiar with civilian, commercial, and military aircraft and their behavior and appearance.

I am also an amateur astronomer, familiar with the behavior of astronomical phenomena. The object observed did not behave in any manner I am familiar with. I have been able to rule out an aircraft, comet or meteor, drone, satellite (including iridium flashes), reflection of a laser off of a cloud (the only clouds in the sky that night were farther to the south), or atmospheric phenomenon.

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