UFO Sighting in Compton, California on February 21st 2015 – dark square/triangle/circle objet hoovering with no lights

I live in compton ca, i was walking out of my back door around 4:40pm and looked up at the sky I noticed something black or rather dark that looked like an airplane at first, I heard a small airplane going by so I thought maybe this was also a small airplane since just a few blocks away is the Compton airport but it was not making any noise. I started thinking it might be a drone but it had no lights on it. it seemed like it was getting closer towards me and it was not very high in the sky a little lower than an airplane and very visible even with some scattered clouds it ws still visible. it was moving quietly but fast and smooth it was hovering back and forth then it started going east at an angle going higher and faster I watched it until I could no longer see it in the sky it went so high into the sky all i could see was it looked like a dot and i just could not see ut anymire it was gone . it took off at an angle going in a rather straight steady direction into space. It was an amazing, a little scarey but very unforgettable. the event lasted about 5-10 mins my phone died right when I saw it so I was unable to get a video or picture of it.

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