UFO Sighting in Oregon on February 22nd 2015 – 5 "V" shaped objects headed out to the Pacific ocean

at about 6 12 p.m. On 2/22/15 I was sitting in my living room watching television. I have a hundred and 80 degree windows that are 11 feet high I happened to notice just over the roof of the house next door a kite like object floating by. I picked up my binoculars to look at it and was surprised that it had wings that were shaped like bird Wings and there were two of them one on either side, the back part of the wings were scalloped, the front part of the wings I could see it very clearly were smooth. Where the wings came together was an object about 3 feet long is my guess and maybe 2 to 3 feet wide and about a couple feet high. I watched it float by thinking it was a kite. I live very close to the Bay of Newport and I watched it as it was probably 300 to 400 feet off the ground. as it went towards the bridge , all of a sudden a second object just like the first one came into view into my binoculars and shortly thereafter they kept coming in from different directions and at the end there were five of these objects they all looked the same.I watched them for about I’m going to say 5 to 10 minutes until they literally disappeared towards the horizon to the Pacific Ocean. they did not make a sound that I was aware of I saw no propeller or any type of engine on them and I believe they were too small to have been a UFO my only thought at the time was maybe they were some type of a drone but they came in from several directions met about two miles past the bridge in Newport and went straight out over the horizon until they were not visible. They were a solid gray blackish color.

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