Canadian UFO crash hoax mushrooms on social media

Internet and social media sites apparently escalated “news” of a Canadian UFO crash at Jackhead First Nation February 18, 2015. The original story was a gag, according to Canadian UFO Researcher Chris Rutkowski, but details continued anyway.

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Assistant National Director Stu Bundy quickly chased down the UFO crash details and discovered it was a hoax.

Canada’s CBC News was in touch with Canadian military who reported that the Manitoba sighting report was actually an airplane from a training exercise.

Read the complete CBC story here.

Bundy said the best information came from Rutkowski who operates Ufology Research – one of Canada’s best UFO information resources.

“Chris actually spoke to people on the Jakehead First Nations reserve,” Bundy said, “who said nothing was happening, and that there wasn’t a crash of anything, let alone a flying disk.”

Read Rutkowski’s complete Blog here.

Multiple websites and social media picked up on the news and continued to report that a UFO had crashed in that area and that Canadian military had moved in and was sequestering the locals.

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