Is projection the next step in our evolution?

It seems as if we have the need to be bilingual in today’s world as there are an increasing amount of people who don’t speak English. We have to write essays to get out what we have to say, we often times even misinterpret what has been written or said. We stutter, the list could go on for days and it comes to show that language is primitive. If we were telepathic like aliens are we would be so efficient. There would be none of these issues because people would know exactly what you are thinking. This goes for the same as emotions as well. If we could control them consciously as the greys do, we wouldn’t have insecurities and all these unevolved issues that the human race has. We would just love each other willingly, pretty spectacular if you think about it! Do you believe the next step in our evolution is thought and emotional projection? We are already partially telepathic as seen with psychics and through body language which is the basics.

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