UFO Sighting in Edmonton, Alberta on February 16th 2003 – over 200 ufos in my life from when I was 12 till 3 years ago over 200 sightings altogether

I have seen a lot so I will give you a couple that I seen—I was in my fifties and came home it was broad daylight and I layed on the sofa to take a nap in the afternoon then quickly decided to have a cup of tea.When I tried to get up I could not move a muscle only my eyes>I could hear whispering and I could see shadows on the wall>It lasted for about five minutes till the voices and the shadows dissapeared.I could then move and my imediate response was to look out the window where I saw a purple coloured triangle up in the sky it imediately took off in an easterly direction and that was that one that I saw.

Another one I saw I was with a girlfriend in my apartment in ontario and decided to go out on the balcony to get some fresh air.I looked up in the night sky and noticed an object about the size of my little pinkie finger moving across the sky it was a yellow color.All of a sudden it shot to the left at a high rate of speed and made a ninety degree turn and in a flash it dissapeared over the horizon.I went and got my girlfriend and brought her outside to discribe what I saw and the think returned and made the same moves except in the opposite direction.I figured it was the same craft as the first one>it must have went around the world and returned to the same area.

I have seen many ufos and this is the first time I am reporting this to anyone.I am 68 years old now and have many times thought about going under hypnosis to find out if I ever was abducted but never did.And never reported any of these incidents

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