UFO Sighting in Miami Gardens, Florida on February 23rd 2015 – I see them everynight.

It’s real simple , for the last 4 months or so.I see a bunch of star like objects above my house.That move and fire comes from the sky and disappear.my
Thinks there Dones. I know there not.every night, I see them ofcouse. I’ve taken picture.she’s just scared.It started about 4 months ago ,me and my family come back from eating and when I got out of the car something told me to look up… that’s when I sew two stars flying together.. in not a normal way.and from that day on..I always started paying attention to the sky.and what I see every night above my house isn’t normal..or from this Planet.at first I was scared. But it’s too the point,I feel like there watching over me. Where ever I go at night now I see that star.I know there extraterrestrial intelligence out, there all you gotta do is come to my house seeing is believing.picture are picture, video are video,but being a witness to something special,its real.the truth to every thing our history,every thing…its about to change,something big is gonna,happen..

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