Black Triangle Sighting in Monroe Township, New Jersey on February 24th 2015 – Black Triangle UFO sighted in Monroe, NJ and followed for 4 minutes.

I was driving home toward East Windsor NJ on Route 33 westbound when I saw a set of bright lights to the south hovering over a treeline in the distance. I turned left off of 33 and onto Butcher Road and saw a what is known as a Black Triangle UFO in the sky. The craft was hovering and started moving very slowly to the south. As I got closer it moved over the treeline that is to the south of the intersection of Butcher and Disbrow Hill Road. I watched as the craft made an angular left turn, and then disappeared out of view from the treeline. It did not appear to vanish or anything, I just lost it in the trees. The craft had lights on the points of the triangle, which shifted in color from red to white to blue; and had a bright circle in the center (which I assume is the bottom of the craft). The body of the craft was dark, probably black; and was visible while silhouetted against the night sky. I put down my car window while stopped at the intersection and noted no noise other than that of my car for the duration of the sighting. I went down Disbrow Hill road, to Perrineville Road, turned around, and followed my path back to 33 in an effort to try and regain a visual sight of the craft but was unsuccessful.

After doing some Googling, I can attest that this sighting is in line with the many similar sightings that have been reported in the area. I’ve noticed that clear nights nights where stars are extremely visible seem to be a common motif.

I had a similar sighting in the are with another witness in my car about six years ago. This was the same craft. I decided to follow and try to get a picture or intercept as I promised myself I would never let something like this go undocumented again. The first and only other time I saw this type of aircraft was in January of 2009 and it was was in the SAME area. (Perrineville / Disbrow Hill Road; Monroe/Millstone, NJ). It should be noted that this area is in the vacinity of MaGuire AFB.

I am willing to answer any and all questions about this sighting. I want it to be known that these things are out there.

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