UFO Sighting in Essex, Ontario on October 17th 2014 – Heading out for work, saw it across the street far out in the sky just hovering.

I was with another co worker who was driving, we were waiting to pull out from our shop to head to the job site, while we were waiting to turn out I saw a metallic ball hovering in the sky across the street over a field, It didn’t move, it was a fair distance away from us, it was just in cloud level.
We made our turn and when I looked for it it was gone, I saw nothing fly away or any planes in area.
I wish I had more to say about it but I live around a airport and know what helicopters and planes look like, this was like nothing I’ve seen before.
Unfortunately my co worker wasn’t paying attention to it and was trying to turn out so he didn’t see it, leaving me as the only witness.

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