UFO Sighting in Bordentown, New Jersey on February 25th 2015 – Jet A/C on afterburners caused me to look up a catch sight of a hign altitude very high speed steady path light. USAF Vet

1. I was in my back yard at approx. 12:15 am Weds. (02/25/2015)

2. I noticed sound of a jet on afterburners traveling from SE to NW and upon catching up with the sound, I located the jets blinking lights .

3 and 4. At first glimpse of blinking lights of the jet on afterburners (Possibly a fighter from Maguire AFB) I saw one very high appearing single light (like a dull distant star) traveling due east and gently arching to SW at a steady high rate of speed that this USAF Vet would calculate as 10 to 20 times faster than I have ever seen. It was breath taking. It was not the typical shooting star speed used in movies – but very steady and with zero changes in light intensity or textures. If I had to guesss speed I would guess Mach 5 as a minimum.

5. I felt it was man made. It displayed all the characteristics of a craft as opposed to a celestial body. I have seen many shooting stars and meteors in my 67 years. There was nothing spectacular about it’s appearance but the SPEED was awe inspiring.

6. From the time of first sighting in the NE to the visible arching horizon line in the SW this craft to about 10 seconds to go horizon to horizon. I watch planes from Maguire and Philly fly a major route over the Bordentown area almost nightly and nothing come close to less than two to three minutes to clear that distance.

I think it is a US black ops craft. It displayed no other worldly characteristics as commonly shown on TV, other than SPEED.

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