UFO Sighting in Kingsville, Missouri on June 20th 2013 – Standing in front of our house and this object early in the morning adn this thing just came over the hosue adn keept going in the same dirrection with no noise. i told the wife we just saw a UFO. (this is my second experiance. 1st time was 1975 on board

Standing out in front of our country home early in the morning my wife and i saw this objsect come over the house headding in a s w dirrection just a little above the tree line. No noise and a very bright light, round in shape with no distinguishing features that we noticed. Just a bright light and no noise, as we watched this for about 10 to 15 minutes as it flew past. I looked over to the wife and told her she just saw here first UFO, my first experiance was in the summer of 1976 when me and three of my freinds had an experiance that to this day i still have dreams about. All i can remember other than watching this UFO fly away over the trees as i was running toward it waving my arms. One of my freinds tackeled me in the driveway and they drug me back to the car and they took off. I only recall walking down a hallway, rounded in shape, and going past a small room where one of my friends was sitting on a table with his head hung low and his hands folded in front of him. we lost just over 2 hours of time that night, and back then no one wanted to tell anyone bout this kind if thing because everyone then though you were crazy.
I would really like to try hipnosis to see if i can recall more of this experiance.

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